Leads List How-to: Guided Leads List Review Rabbit Trail

Leads List How-to: Guided Leads List Review Rabbit Trail

We made a live video with a small group of people in our Facebook group where we reviewed a free leads list and demonstrated how to best utilize that leads list. How to rabbit trail. How to find more leads adjacent to that list.

The process of rabbit trailing is very simple, you just have to be willing to put in the work.

Let's say you have a lead, Dawn Dish Soap Blue.

You look on Amazon for existing listings of similar products.

Examples to type into the search on Amazon.

Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn Dish Soap Bundle

Dawn Dish Soap Variety

Dawn Dish Soap Green

Dawn Dish Soap Orange

Dawn Dish Soap "any color you know of"


You can then review those listings, and look for profitable listings then search for a retailer to those products on Google.

If your lead is Dawn Dish Soap Blue 2pack of 3oz, and you get it from Target for $1.5 per bottle.

You then know that each bottle of the other colors of Dawn will be $1.50 unless it is a "special" type of the soap.

If you find a listing like, Dawn Dish Soap Blue/Orange/Green Variety pack, 3oz each. You know your cost is $4.50 already. So check that listing and see if the profit returned hits your minimum ROI target, and proceed accordingly.


All of this is broken down more in the video!




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