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Monthly Replens Leads - 10 MAX SUBSCRIBERS

Monthly Replens Leads - 10 MAX SUBSCRIBERS

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This list is QUALITY Replens.

First, what these leads will not be.




A2A Flips

Expensive Products

Temporary Fillers

High Rank Garbage

So what will these leads be?
High quality REPLENS you can sit down and add to your monthly rotation of sourcing today. Thesne products are plucked straight from other sellers with a history of a stable price and sales rank via Keepa. These products are products you can buy week after week, month after month and build your Amazon store. They're meant for consistency. Think about the game Oregon Trail from our youth, these leads are the Oxen. Durable and reliable. Replens are not fancy and shocking. They're the cornerstone of your reliable income. You'll get used to ordering these weekly and prepping this weekly and you'll be able to slowly scale up more and more replens every month with us.

We're doing the work for you.

This is unlike any other leads list on the market right now. Other leads lists provide products that are generally not sustainable. Out of the products you might find on another lead list only a few would you actually want to buy that fit your business, and out of those few NONE are replens. You buy them once and move on and you're in a never ending cycle of sourcing.

We are bringing you replenishable products straight from other sellers that have been selling these products for months as well. As such we are limiting the number of subscribers to a max of 10 ONLY.

Average Weekly Lead Metrics: Meaning at the end of each week these will be the averages.

There will be bundles on a regular basis.

We verify checkout and shipping costs. We will add in the notes what $$ threshold you need to get free shipping.

COG will reflect shipping if not free with 5-10 products in the cart.

These leads will be 9LBS or lighter.

Verified with IpAlert.

Roi: 30% or higher

Profit: $3 or higher

Focused on light weight products unless a heavier product has enough profit to be worthwhile.

Sales Rank: No higher than 210,000. Generally in the 15k-80k range.

We will provide 8-10 replens per week day, for a total of 40-50 replens every week.

Replens will be out by 12PM EST each day.

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